"From bringing the Murder House into the hands of new owners in "Rubber(wo)Man Part One" and "Rubber(wo)Man Part Two to building a light and
airy nightmare in "Ba'al". McCarney helped bring the series to life in her multifaceted role as production designer for the series."

"How the American Horror Stories Production Designer created a modern world of terror: Eve McCarney speaks on
symbolism, legacy, and avoiding tropes in the new anthology show.

Every episode was a new story with new characters, new sets, and new locations. As a designer, I was inspired and thrilled
to create so many realities; as a pragmatist, I wasn’t sure how we’d pull it off."  -  American Horror Stories - Expanding the AHS Universe
This is terrifically staged, especially considering that Cohn...production designer Eve McCarney and DP Pascal Combes-Knokewere
were likely not working with studio-level resources.
VARIETY Review of Street Survivors

“Not only does this film boast a plethora of great work from its cast, though, but its crew too: the production design work from
Eve McCarney 
is impeccable in creating a realistic, atmospheric 1889 Western world

HOLLYWOOD NEWS Review of The Ballad of Lefty Brown

"Absolutely, I would love to credit two people–Cory Geryak, who’s our director of photography, and Eve McCarney, our brilliant production designer."
-Julius Ramsay - Director of The Current Occupant Interview
"The set design is stunning and gives a feeling of science fiction films from the 60s and 70s"
The season two scripts were stellar and allowed for some creative sets - my favorites being a curiosity shop inspired by Mr. Wang's from Gremlins,
a dark web hacker basement, a kooky doll lady's house, and an old-timey charity carnival." - Designing the Millenial World of Liza On Demand

 "It’s a visually gorgeous film that flickers like a neon sign"
-BUT WHY THO My Valentine Review
"Eve McCarney displays her own pioneer spirit with The Ballad of Lefty Brown, going off to remote locations with just a
computer and a sketch pad and through talent and tenacity, she creates a compelling classic western
LIONSGATE FEATURETTE -  Designing The Ballad of Lefty Brown with
Director Jared Moshe, Star Bill Pullman & Production Designer Eve McCarney